Australian Chocolate Diamonds

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Why choose an Australian Chocolate Diamond?

Why choose an Australian Chocolate Diamond

There’s a colour for everyone! With 7 different colour variations to choose from, you are assured to find one that really stands out to you. White diamonds are a familiar place and are the common choice for bridal sets. Australian Chocolate Diamonds reflect colours of orange, gold, yellow and even pink and red.  They make a gorgeous statement and beautifully complement white diamonds. Just as we are all individual, coloured diamonds are distinctive and tend to be one of  a kind. Why have white, colourless diamonds like everyone else? Why not add some colour into your life?

Coloured diamonds such as Australian Chocolate Diamonds have such a “wow” factor. Many Hollywood stars and members of the royal family opt for coloured diamonds over white ones. While pink and yellow fancy colored diamonds are the most popular among celebrities, chocolate, black, blue and even green diamonds have been trending well throughout the past few years. Even the finest fashion houses on occasion have jumped at the opportunity to use coloured diamonds in their latest fashion collections.

Coloured diamonds are consistently being sold around the world in auctions for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The value will continue to go up as coloured diamond mines close and supplies diminish. The Australian Argyle mine in Western Australian is estimated to close around 2020. With that in mind I think I would like to add a few more colours to my collection!